Policies and procedures

We want to make sure that all staff, parents, carers, volunteers and others involved in the Pre-School are aware of our policies. On this page, you can find a link to all of the Pre-School’s policies and procedures.  The copies here are blank for examination. To see the signed, original hard copies, please ask a member of staff. These are always available in Pre-School if you would like to read them.

Peasmarsh Flying Start Pre-School keeps its policies and procedures under regular review, with a rolling schedule of updates. Our Policy Statement 1.21 lists our policies and their review dates. If you would like any more information about any of our policies, please do talk to a member of staff.

Admissions Policy v1.0

Arrivals, Departures and Lost Child Procedures v1.2

Behaviour Policy v1.2

Care, Learning and Play Policy v1.0

Child Protection and Safeguarding Children Policy & Procedures v1.1

Complaints and Compliments Policy v1.0

Confidentiality Policy v1.2

Disciplinary Policy & Procedures v1.0

Documentation Policy v1.0

Equal Opportunities Policy v1.0

Equipment Policy v1.0

Financial Management Policy v1.0

Fire Safety and Emergency Evacuation Procedures v1.

Food and Drink Policy v1.2

Health, Sickness, Infection Control, Medication & No Smoking Policy v1.4

Mobile Phone and Camera Policy v1.1

Nappy Changing Policy and Procedure v1.1

Organisation Policy v1.1

Online Safety Policies v1.0

Payment of Fees Policy v1.3

Pet Policy v1.0

Physical Activity Policy v1.0

Physical Environment Policy v1.0

Privacy Notice v1.4

Safety & Suitability of Premises, Environment & Equipment – Risk Assessment v1.0

Safety Policy v1.1

Settling in Pre-School Procedure v1.0

Special Needs Policy v1.0

Staff Supervision and Appraisal Policy v1.0

Staff Working With Children Or Close Relations Policy v1.0

Student Placement Policy v1.0

Suitable Person & Recruitment Policy v1.0

Sun Safety Policy v1.2

Transition to Reception Class Policy v1.0

Whistleblowing Policy v1.0

Working in Partnership with Parents and Carers Policy v1.2