Parents’ Zone

The Forest School at Peasmarsh Rye Nursery

Welcome to the Parents’ Zone, an area of the Pre-School website dedicated to the parents and carers of current Pre-School pupils.

This term

We have been busy over the last few months. You will have seen that our outside area has been refurbished with a lovely new play surface and some of our outside equipment rearranged. We have a built a new rockery which creates all sorts of new play possibilities for the children; dinosaurs roaming in the mountains is a favourite! The children have also been busy helping us with our garden. They have just finished planting bulbs ready to provide a floral display in spring. We are aiming to spend as much time outside as possible, even as the seasons change.

The Pre-School is in the process of achieving a “Certificate of Excellence” from HALO. This involves Zoom training for health and safety, oral health, emotional well being for children and much more.

We use an “in the moment planning” approach. This means that rather than be governed by a fixed timetable of activities, we provide the environment and opportunities to stimulate curiosity and then look for what sparks the children’s interest to determine what we do. We look for opportunities to allow learning to take place through child-initiated play.

Please have a look at the gallery on the Pre-School wall to see our creations!

Please click here for full details of upcoming Pre-School events.

Learning Journeys

Every child has a Learning Journey which tracks their progress at Pre-School. Parents are children’s first and most enduring educators and we are keen to involve you in your child’s Learning Journey. We use an electronic system for collating observations and tracking progress which enables us to quickly link photos and video with observations. Your child’s resulting Learning Journey is available for you to look at and discuss with their keyworker at any time – just ask us. Don’t forget that we would love to know all about the achievements that your children make outside Pre-School. You can use a “Wow” slip to let us tell us about the first time they do things, a new skill that they have mastered or any other success. These slips will be added to their Learning Journey alongside the observations of Pre-School staff. You can pick up additional “Wow” slips at Pre-School or download a printable sheet here. We also love to see photos of what you do outside of Pre-School, for example, outings, groups or visiting friends and family.

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