Our Pre-School’s Special Educational Needs & Disability Offer

Please see below for answers to common questions about how the Pre-School can support children with special educational needs and disabilities. You can open a printable and downloadable version of this information here.

How does the pre-school know if children need extra help and what should I do if I think my child has special educational needs?

We make judgements on all areas of children’s learning; we review and moderate these termly to ensure their accuracy. This will show us any areas where children may not be making progress. We plan to support or extend these by making clear next steps. Activities will then be provided with these enhancements, to encourage further development for the children. If the children are still not making progress, then our SENDCO (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator) will provide further support and activities.  Outside agencies may be contacted for advice including speech and language, specialist services and nurses. Practitioners will discuss this with parents at every step. Sally-Ann Sayer is our SENDCO and Dawn Bull is the Pre-School Manager. Both are always available for discussions with parents, outside agencies and our practitioners to ensure consistency for the child.

How will the pre-school support my child with special educational needs?

Our setting includes children and practitioners with any need or disability. An assessment of the needs will be made with the parents/carers, along with any outside agency involved.

Training will be given to all practitioners and support will be given to all parents. A plan will then be put into place which will enable all parties to have a consistent approach. A Setting Based Support Plan, or Early Help Plan will be implemented with SMART targets, which can then be reviewed periodically. Our SENDCO will complete a Setting Based Support Plan with the parents and the child’s key person (all children are allocated a key person, who ensures the child settles easily and all needs are met).

For more information on the support offered by East Sussex County Council please visit their website at:


How is the decision made about what type and how much support my child/young person will receive?

Where a child or family may need further support, the Early Years Service will be contacted and additional funds can be applied for it necessary, for equipment or additional support. For more details, please see the following web page:


How will the pre-school review my child’s progress and how shall they share it with me?

All children will have a summative assessment completed termly with next steps for their individual learning identified. These are then shared and agreed with parents. Cohort tracking takes place which will highlight any inconsistencies in development. SEND children will also have a Setting Based Support Plan.

What support will there be for my child’s overall well being?

All our staff are first aid trained and all have Child Protection/Safeguarding certificates. Our practitioners are there to support all children and families. Only prescribed medication is administered within the setting, and children may attend if well enough to participate in all activities. Children’s independent skills are supported by learning to blow noses, take themselves to the toilet, etc. Nappy changing is hygienic and Health and Safety is at the forefront of all activities. Our SENDCO is responsible for behaviour management, ensuring that approaches are cascaded to all staff for consistency. We use visual symbols and timetables to support all children.

What training do the staff have in supporting children with special educational needs or disabilities?

Our training includes SENCO training, Child Protection/Safeguarding, Child Development, Epipen training, First Aid, Healthy Eating and Physical Activity (HEPA) training. Key workers are Makaton trained. We regularly attend Inclusion Support groups to enhance our knowledge. We have support from the Specialist Early Years’ Service, Speech and Language support.

What specialist services and support are available to the pre-school?

We work with Health Services to support children on an EHC plan. We also work with Speech and Language therapists and Health Visitors to support the integrated health review at 2 years old. More information is available here:


How will my child/young person be included in activities outside the pre-school, including trips?

All activities will be adjusted to support all children after a review of needs. A meeting with parents will be held with a plan put together. Trips may require extra staff/helpers and a Risk Assessment will be carried out to ensure all children are safe and included. Parents are able to join in trips and discussions are held with parents of children with special educational needs or disabilities as to choices of venue.

How accessible is the pre-school?

We have wheelchair access. Our environment can be adapted to enable full participation of all staff and children. We have a disabled toilet. We support families who have English as an additional language, and materials in home languages can be provided. We will provide visuals in home languages around the setting, for the children who attend. We use visual cards and timetables, which support children with English as an additional language as well as children with SEND or communication and speech difficulties, and  young children.

How will the pre-school help my child move on to school?

We have a good relationship with our feeder schools. We have transition meetings where we spend time discussing each child with their new teachers to ensure smooth transitions take place for all children. Discussions will take place with parents prior to the transition time. Setting based support plans, EHC plans and the integrated health review will all be shared with all parties involved.

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